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Business Automation




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Campaigns Integrations

Timely Response to Leads


Auto notifications to sales when new leads arrive. Track response times and number of calls, emails and other touches to leads.


Appointment Scheduling


Schedule appointments with the click of a button. Easily sort and filter your leads by appointment date to prioritize and schedule work.


Tracking Documents


You no longer need to hunt for proposals or contracts. All of these documents can be uploaded and kept right with your client records so they are available to everyone, even through our mobile app!


Easily Manage Sales Reps


A unique sales rep module allows you to add as many reps as you want without having to purchase separate licenses for them. This is particularly useful if you have many 1099 contractors that sporadically bring in deals.


Job Tracking


Seamlessly track your operations in the same platform as your marketing and sales efforts with our built-in job tracking module. Useful workflows rules and functions keep track of project milestones and time in operations so you can keep your projects running smoothly.


Data & Security

Users can be assigned profiles and roles to protect your data and system settings. You can further customize these permissions so that your system is secure while letting contractors and independent reps have access to the information they need.


Reports & Dashboards


Customized reports give you detailed insight into your sales & operations. Dashboards allow you to track Key Performance indicators, track trends and identify bottlenecks before they cause issues.


Automate Workflows


Easily customize and automate workflow rules. We have already automated appointment scheduling, job creation and a number of notifications to keep your organization running smoothly.

Increase Employee Productivity

Increase Employee Productivity

Provide dashboards to your employees so they can see each-other’s results and watch everyone’s productivity increase as they try to keep up with one and other.

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