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We have years of experience working across, implementing and customizing all of Zoho’s products. Our team is comprised of strategic business consultants and expert developers based in the United States. Our unique value proposition is simple, we work closely with our clients to clearly understand their business use case and implement clean, effective solutions without any language barriers or misunderstandings. We work as efficiently as possible and charge different hourly rates based on the resources used to complete your project so your budget is stretched as far as possible. We offer a free 30 minute consult to answer quick questions and help you determine the viability and cost of larger projects and Zoho CRM Implementations.

Zoho CRM

• General Zoho Setup and Configuration

• Module and Field Customization

• Custom Formulas

• Workflow Rules

• Dashboards and Reporting

• Custom Functions – Deluge Script

• API Integrations

• Roles, Profiles and Security

• Google Integration with Zoho CRM: Adwords, Contacts and Calendar

Zoho Survey

• Sync Zoho Survey with Zoho CRm

• Automate Customer Feedback

• Update Client Records

• Reporting

Zoho Sales IQ

• Live Website Monitoring

• Sync Zoho CRM with Zoho Sales IQ

• Lead Scoring

Zoho Campaigns

• Email Template Creation

• Syncing Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns

• Create Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

• Ecommerce Email Campaigns

• Zoho Email Campaign Analytics

• Zoho Campaigns and Sales IQ Integration

Zoho Reports

• Complex Report Building

• Live Dashboards

• Track Key Performance Indicators

Zoho Social

• Sync Zoho Social with Zoho CRM and Social Media Networks

• Publishing Posts

• Analytics and Perfromance

Zoho Books

• Setup and Payment Gateways

• Integration to Zoho CRM

• Customer Portal

• Workflow Rules

• 3rd party Integrations and API work

Zoho Projects

• Setup and Configuration

• Integration with other apps

• Reporting and Dashboards

• Time Cards

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